Monday, September 25, 2006


Mum rang me at wait for it 6am!!!!! the other morning by what she thought was mistake she was turning the alarm on her mobile off and managed to ring me (nice early morning call!) whilst on the phone mum had said that when enquiring as to when her op would be she was told that she may have to wait another six months.
My mums friend who speaks spainish rang and went bananas at them and told them that it was too long to wait and that they were playing with mums life.
After mums call l felt really burdened and actually sick with worry at the thought of mum having to wait that long; as the doctor l heard the diagnosis from with mum on my last visit, wanted to know why mum had waited so long (she hadn't realized that mum had been waiting for an appointment for 8 months)
anyway Andy suggested that praying was the only thing to do as it was the only thing we could do in the circumstances, so bless him he prayed that the burden would be lifted from us and mum would get her op date. Miraculasly l then went bsack off to sleep and was awoken byu the usual alarm.
Later that day as l walked past the lotto stand in the shop l said to my claire right claire pick one of those lotto number cards up something that isn't a usual thing for me to say. Her responce was "why do you want one of those?" l said well claire you can pick some numbers for nan and if you win enough money you can pay for nans operation and treatment privately. (Terrible example - l know what your all thinking!!) anyway claire got home ticked the little boxes and turned and said "all
done" she then put her hands together and said "right God we need this to win enough money so l can pay for my nans operation" l laughed. l said right claire we'll take that back to the shop tommorow and pay the £1 (claire didnt even realize you have to pay a pound and put it though a machine - oh to be that naive again)
Tommorow came and mum rang first thing and said "get a pen l've got my date for my op" and wait for it no its not months away its next Tuesday well she goes into hospital on the monday to be prepared.
What a fantastic blessing - god is so good - L will be travelling early on Monday with my brother Mog to arrive in time to go to the hospital with mum and will stay just a week. The children won't be coming along as l will spend a lot of time at the hospital and they'll be bored. L travel back early hours of Luke and Lauras birthday so this week will be full of organizing !! thanks again all those praying - he's hears.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Thanks to everyone that remembered mog my brother. He had his op on Friday....chapperoned by his big sister !! Even was allowed to go right to the theartre doors - Andy did remind me that Mog is a grown adult!!
He will go tommorrow to see how it all went and find out what was actually done.
Its quite painful but he has some good strong painkillers.
He really was blessed in there.......l went to see about a TV card for him to watch whilst in his 'own' room and was actually thinking that it was quite outrageous that you should have to pay for such a small luxury whilst convalesing, we went out for some fresh air and for mog to pollute some !! ( a cigerette) on the way back in l opened the door and we found a ten pound note screwed up on the floor!! l thought oh that'll pay for the TV card !! Then later after mogs op l wheeled him round to the card machine on the ward and left him with the nurse to sort out the card and when she tryed to put the money in there was already a five pound note in it and the nurse said oh it must be your lucky day we'll use this one and if anyone complains you can just give them back the money so he watched the TV for free and then handed the card in on his departure for someone else to use.
So all went well hopefully he'll make a speedy recovery and be able to return to his previous job soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Good job me and my brother mog didn't fly out to Spain on Sunday; (re. read weds blog) mogs hand op has been brought forward to Friday, so please pray that everything will go as planned and there will be no complications, and that it will repair and heal really quickly; mog has loads on his plate at the mo !
thanks bloggers

Monday, September 11, 2006


Claire came out of school today really excited and said "Guess what mum ....we did PE all afternoon and guess what we did?"
l said tell me .....
she said "we learnt streak dancing and we will be learning it every monday"
she then went on to say "after streak dancing we did dribbling"
stopping the conversation at this point; l established that in fact she will be learning "street dancing" on mondays followed by "football" !!
she does make me laugh........they grow up so fast......

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today l was supposed to book my flight to go and be with my mum for her op as l was about to book the flight on line, would you believe a message appeared saying "a problem has occurred" so l thought oh well l'll book it later - well later came and l thought l must book that flight before it goes and went back on line, found the flight and was about to book it when l heard my mobile ring; it was my Laura to say that she was on her way home early, when hanging up l noticed a was from mum saying that she had been for the cat scan results at tyhe hospital and had double checked her op date and the hospital knew nothng about it and couldn't say who'd rang with those details.......very strange !! and very frustrating for mum so she's back to waiting for that phone call.........good job l hadn't been able to book the flights earlier!!
I found that really amazing and won't be so quick to moan about technology next time,l think that was God's hand at work there........well would you believe it !!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well l havent blogged in what seems ages......the first news is that my mum has her operation date which is 12th sept so thats good and also my brothers operation date for his wrist to be repaired is the 19th sept (it never rains it pours ) my brother will stay at my house so that l can take him in and then bring him home as he'll be handless (not literally) but unfortunately he has split up from his wife so will need a bit of support in the coming days. I am hoping to be with mum also, as l did say that l would return to spain when she has her op. Juggling that lot in amongst family life should be interesting and well lets say prayful.
I went and brought myself a new hoover as l had a 'henry' that was fine when l had all wooden flooring in the bungalow; but we had carpets fitted in this house and l had used a dragging method with the attachments with the brushes out for some time, this was ok but very tiresome, well l got a dyson07 l had a dyson03 previously but this one is really something say l am pleased with it is an understatement l can't believe how much rubbish comes up out of the carpet - thats the carpet thats always constantly being hoovered drag method......just gliding over the carpet is a dream. Little things please little minds!! Andy had constantly told me,go and get a decent hoover and l thought that was wasteful as l already had a working hoover,but the time l have saved has made the purchase worth while already.
Well thats a bit of a catch up for now.