Thursday, June 29, 2006

These days l believe that cigerette packets carry a health warning "CIGARETTES SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH" Driving Claire home from school....... girl aged probably about 15, steps out from behind parked car and crosses road right in front of me whilst taking cigerette out of packet !! Looked up to see me doing emergency stop with stunned rabbit look !! and she carried on as if "no problem" - l thought at the time, yes cigerettes can seriously damage your health; if you live that long my love !!
Obviously doesn't use her green cross code !!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Well the day finally arrived - and what a day - it was actually kind of stressful in a calm kind of way !! if that makes any sense - l suppose that was God playing his part and me playing mine !!
Firstly chest x-rays at one private hospital - slight blip on mine but nothing to cause concern apparently !! l'd overheard radiologist saying to student "perfect shot, thats the sort of frame your looking to achieve" l was soon knocked off that perch two hours later !!
Turned up at second location after walking round building twice looking for door then realized not open till 2.30; when appointment was !! Everyone gathered outside and it was like waiting for some down and out drop-in centre to open there was big blue wooden double doors and people sitting on the pavement waiting outside it was the complete opposite of the last location.
Headed upstairs to wait - elderly man appears eating muffin and dropping it on carpet progresses to pick it up and put it back in muffin case (thought obviously just wandered in off street!!) he then turned and said "aahh come on through" l looked at Andy......he looked at me, and we all went in. We were all in the same room and ended up being there until about 5.40 it was a long day and really muggy,
eventually after all having a medical (thats another story in itself!!) we had blood tests laura and myself were first - me first, yuk, felt faint - what a woosse had too lay down and have water - laura has very thin veins but wasn't bothered by the fuss at all, Lukes blood was taken upstairs by nurse that did mine and Luke looked green!! passed out and the nurse was propping him up so long that he looked like he was beginning to fit then the doctor rushed in saying don't panic don't panic pushed the chair back against the wall trying to get his head lower than his legs what a palarva !! anyway all was ok in end - doctor just said it was due to heat and lack of oxygen to the brain - l could have burst into lad out cold, then Laura drained all her colour and looked like she was going to drop l think that was shock - l'm glad all the paperwork was done !! the nurse who took mine and Luke's blood hadn't been taking blood too long as Andy and Lauras test took only seconds!! That's my excuse and l'm sticking to it.
The doctor reminded me so much of Leslie Philips from the carry on films,he had us all in stitches.
Well everything is in God's hands now so it'll be interesting watching to see what direction we are to go in next ?
Thanks for all of you that prayed you know who you are........God Bless

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Please pray for my neck, l have done something to it and it's really painful and is making me feel quite nauseas, l'm keeping it at bay with painkillers but don't actually know how l've done it..........we have our medicals on Monday and l really don't want to go in there with a stiff painful neck, the pain spreads into my shoulder blade and down my arm too - it's making me feel fed up as everything is an effort.

I had to return something to Matalan yesterday and so joined the queue where l had two people in front......the lady at the front was returning an item of clothing and so the assistant tipped out the garment and then began looking for the bar code when all of a sudden she jumped back saying "Oh my God" the customer then became fearful of what she didn't know.....then the assistant said "there's a spider and l really don't like them".......just then a big spider crept out and walked across the garment at this point the assistant is now 2 foot from till!! The second lady in queue then steps forward boldly and says she's not fussed and gets a piece of cardboard and proceeds to flick the spider over the counter towards the assistant!!
It's now on the floor and we all peer over the counter........the assistant then has a moment of braveness and flicks it with cardboard towards the next till assistant (a man) and says "it's now his problem"........spider has now gone behind boxes!!
My turn in the queue comes and l now am now having problems keeping a straight face being served; whilst there is the male assistant on all fours sheepishly moving boxes looking for the creepy !! Some things men are just better at than us girls !!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Well l thought if helen can hold Harriet !

In all seriousness though l heard that Oaklands museum was holding an open afternoon to show birds snakes and spiders, so popped up there with Claire in an attempt to bet one of my fears (particularly as Australia is well known for having quite a few creepie crawlies) Claire was so brave and put one round her neck and so l had to at least touch one but was really brave and held one; only because l told the lady that l had a fear of them and not to let the head end near me, and she didn't !!
As a child l had a really traumatic nightmare where a massive python lay at the side of my body all night and l had to stay dead still eventually l flinched and the snake bit my neck and l died; at this point l woke up believing that in the pitch dark, that l had died !! Horrible, horrible, still remember it well considering l was 6 at the time........probably would explain my sweaty palms and nausea yesterday!!