Monday, October 31, 2005

Please pray for a friend that l know from down at the school; she has chrones disease. Denise had one operation to remove part of her bowel 7 years ago but now needs to have the same operation again as she spends a lot of the time ill again, she's really nervous about the op but it has given me the opportunity to tell her that a lot of Christians will be praying for her as they were last time. ( she did have quite a number of years of being well after the previous op) this week she's feeling really well and is now wondering why she's going through with it .........we joked and said it's a bit like tooth ache the minute you book the dentist - it goes!! She even laughed and said perhaps it's been healed and they'll say l don't need it !!
I'm meeting her for lunch on Friday (providing she's well ) and am hoping for an opportunity to tell her that she needs to have a little chat with God about this one for herself as well as us all praying; lets hope l get an opening 'heaven sent' !! she's a mum of three so she needs a speedy recovery as well.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Have you met the family ?
This is typical - l can upload daft pictures but am waiting to upload some fantastic pictures that l feel everyone would enjoy - someone sent them by e-mail to me and we thought they were awesome.

Is anyone else experiencing difficulties downloading pictures onto your blogs? I can't work out if it's a fault on my system or a fault with Blogger !!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Our son, Luke had his first driving lesson today. We booked him up with the lady that taught me and Andy, l was actually carrying Luke at the time !! So he's been out with the instructor before - don't know that he picked much up though!!
Where does the time go ?

Today started out to be such a lovely day - bright clear blue October sky - washing blowing in the breeze - just the best day ever and then someone had to spoil it. I went into the kitchen thinking l could smell something burning and l was right someone about 5 gardens down had lit a bonfire - what an earth was they thinking; it's been the first day in ages that the washing line has had any use and l expect that people generally could let a bit of fresh air blow through. We had all the windows and doors shut but the fumes still got in, l havent a clue what they were burning at one point the smoke was so bad that we thought it was a house going up. I think someone must have complained and they were trying to put it out with water but it made even more smoke. I couldn't hardly see the washing at one point - l didn't bother getting it in this evening, bet it smells lovely - more washing as if l havent got enough already. Well that's my weekly moan out the way. Bless their cotton socks !!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

THEME NIGHT: Military !
Can you recognize many ? We do tell them if they don't dress up they don't get fed - you have to admit we do have some very hungry friends !!

Friday, October 21, 2005

After reading Helen's blog today it reminded me of a funny story way back was also a moment of confusion of words!!
It was when Claire must have been about 3 years old and as with all our children she was rather strong willed and slightly unpredictable;
( Meg Prem can vouch for this; one Sunday morning she lent down towards Claires face with a big 'Good Morning' to which Claire slapped her face with no indication of her intention at all - l was in shock and burst into tears - Meg was really sweet and put her excellent councelling skills to good practise!! ) Anyway back to the story about a month after this incident l was outside washing the family car and had strapped Claire in her car seat with a few simple toys to entertain herself normally this was fine if l was quick. This particular day l was half way round the car when an elderly gentleman walked past, l said 'Morning' which encouraged him to stop and have a chat. Well we chatted and chatted and l began to noticed Claire getting rather irritated and decided that l best wrap this conversation up and get done as soon as poss. Well the man just kept chatting and chatting until l got to a point where l could see Claire really starting to loose the plot and l have to say had been rather patient in the circumstances as she was full of cold and couldn't stand having a runny nose. She kept glarring at me with a big candle, kicking her feet l'm sure your getting the picture, at this l interuppted the man and said ' look l'm really sorry but l'll have to go my little girl is getting really cross ' with that the man said 'why' so l said 'oh she wants a tissue' Well with that the man said 'oh lovely, and rather briskly headed towards the car. I thought whats he doing - with that he swung the car door open and was leaning in thecar whilst saying 'course she can kiss me' l wondered what on earth he was talking about and you can imagine what l thought was coming next. Fortunately there was no slap and it turned out that he thought l had said she wants to kiss you not she wants a tissue !!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Can l have an appointment please ?

Yesterday l tried to make a doctors appointment for myself; l rang the surgery and asked if l could have an appointment with either of two doctors. The receptionist said, Sorry havent got any pre-bookable appointments left.............deadly l said ok any doctor will do............sorry nothing available.............eerrmm when can l get one then? Is it an emergency.......No..........well you'll have to book first thing in the morning.......... only not tommorrow or Thursday as we've got could try Friday morning, one of the doctors you wanted will be in that day but l can't guarantee an appointment l'm afraid, failing that the other specified doctor will be in on Monday but again l can't guarantee an appointment then either. Is it me or is the world going crazy - l just want an appointment not urgent; but obviously would like to see a doctor at some point?It reminded me of the sketch from Little Britain "Computer says NO"

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ever fear you just weren't good enough or quiet enough or brave enough or humble enough or beige enough to be a Christian woman? Maybe you just don't quite "get" what everyone has told you about living in faith? Maybe you figure your past already ruled you out. Or perhaps you still own a motorcycle or like twirly skirts or have a tattoo or secretly long to be a movie star and figure, "too late, too boring, for Christianity and me." Or maybe you know you are a Christian but spend most of your time fretting about the fact you're falling short, causing you to look like the faith you do have needs to be pickled rather than passed on?"The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is every one who is born of the Spirit." – John 3:8 NASBPretty wild, huh?
Not for the faint of heart or knickers-in-a-knot type, but for those who dare. On Being a Wild Child of God isn't about being inappropriate; it's about be-ing a child of God, and all that a brave statement like that might imply.

Monday, October 17, 2005

See Sunil's ready for the youth weekend away !!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

IT'S just as well that GOD above has never gone on strike, Because He thought we'd been unfair or for things He didn't like. If He had even once sat down and said I've had enough, Of those on earth,so this I'll do - I'll make the going tough. I'll give my order to the sun, cut off the heat supply, And to the moon give no more light, and run their rivers dry; Then first to make it really tough, and put the pressure on, I'll turn off all the oxygen, till every breath is gone. He'd really be quite justified, if justice is the claim, For no one has been more abused, or treated with disdain than God - and yet He carries on, Supplying you and me with all the favours of his grace and everything is free. If men may want a better deal, then out on strike they go, But what a deal we've given God for everything we owe. We don't care whome we hurt to gain the things we like, But what a mess we'd all be in if God should go on strike.

Found this in the late Florry Turner's bible. Tony Tween gave the bible to me at Florry's funeral and it still blesses me to this day with 'snippets' l find within the pages.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I couldn't think of a more welcoming smile and genuine "hello" re.Ladies Day. Only wish l could have been there - only then - l may have become part of Helen's blog - being the one who fell over her own bag or something !!

May God Bless you Helen

Friday, October 14, 2005

My goodness can't you waste some time on these computers - l havent done anything constructive all afternoon !! Viewed lots of christian animation though -it's great - doesn't change the fact that the house is a tip though !!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In the Rough.

Just thought l'd share a funny story my cousin Mandy told me whilst she was out playing golf recently..........

Mandy had gone to play golf with her partner Pete with another couple at a rather posh golf club. It was getting late as they were reaching the last few holes and the two guys were looking for a lost ball in the longer grass, whilst looking they found another lost ball. Pete called Mandy over and gave it to her as it had 'Royal Bank of Scotland' on it and thats who Mandy used to work for, so she was touched at the thought and put it in her jacket pocket. They continued to play. I forgot to add that she was already feeling really nervous as she didn't really know the couple they were playing and was trying to make a good impression!! Anyway she then started to get hot so decided to take her jacket off; just then a golf ball seemed to come flying from no-where. Pete straight away became really annoyed because they hadn't heard anyone shout '4' and it looked as if it had been directed at Mandy personally because of where they were. Pete was getting irrate and Mandy spotted two young groundsman not too far away but they didn't have any golf clubs with them, but they couldn't believe that it would have been them but decided that the minute they got back to the club house they would be complaining about the incident. Just then the rather posh friend they were playing with walked up and asked who's ball was on the ground at this point Mandy and Pete explained how someone had delibrately directed it at them it seemed and how annoyed they were, he bent down and picked it up only to see that on it it said 'Royal Bank of Scotland' he said Doesn't this belong to you Mandy? It was then that Mandy checked her pocket and realized that when she had got hot and through her jacket over her shoulder the ball had come flying out on the floor in front of her !! She then became really hysterical and couldn't stop laughing. The other couple couldn't see the funny side at all !!

This is just my kind of sense of humour l think if your going to show yourself up then do it in style !!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Just got in from a big food shopping expedition, have to say l'd normally be buzzing - cupboards full etc. ( It's a mum thing !! ) anyway back to the point, whilst driving back home l saw a man on a bike and thought, right give him lots of room when overtaking ( do unto others and all that ! ) but when l checked my mirrors all l could see was the guy in the car behind, he was that close l thought he was the food police having a good inspection - anyway l resisted the urge to brake hard; l slowly overtook thinking well perhaps bumper boy hasn't seen the guy on the bike but oh no he stayed right on the edge of my bumper - l have to add this is the bit where l could have lost my rag - but decided to indicate and pull up rather sharply instead, much safer l thought - hence my new bumper friend lost his rag and had to pull out and roar off at great speed - at this point l have to say l did give him a little wave goodbye ! ( well l had to do something with all that adrenalin ) It was at this point that l indicated and NEARLY pulled out and knocked the guy off his bike - yes that being the man l was so concerned about in the first place !!
Isn't it funny how you can start out with good intentions and then someone comes along and it all goes out the window !!