Friday, June 15, 2007

Got a new car to run about in.......yes l had to pick something familier.....Ford !!
I will get something bigger when lm a bit more confidence on the big roads here.
I had to drive it back from the dealership so l was sweating a bit as it was the first
time l drove here l dont know who was more nervous me or Andy following!!

Place to live next.

PS Large oil patch not leaking from my car !! LOL

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Claire with her cousins she recently met. Monice and Loulou

Andys cousins for dinner.......what a view!!

this is the opposite direction of Hallett Cove.

this is Hallett Cove on a winter day !!

We quite like this area but have a lot of places to look yet.......

Friday, June 08, 2007


Well here l am ....... arrived safe and sound. We had a really good flight very very long but can t compliment Singapore airlines enough. The food and service was brilliant. Singapore airport was great we booked into the transit hotel for an 8 hour block to have a sleep and shower and then to look around the airport shops to stretch our legs before the second haul of the journey.......... well thats the way we planned it but Claire had other ideas she had slept on the plane and so didnt want to sleep at the airport so while everyone else had a sleep l was walking round like a zombie with Claire with no currency to spend; we soon went and got the others up, changed some money up. It seemed a shame to miss seeing Singapore airport its a great airport to have a look around.
Saying our goodbyes was awful and l think we all under-estimated how sad we would feel. Even as the aircraft landed l had an enormous feeling of,what am l doing?Driving away from the airport l had an awful feeling that l d made a mistake and felt that l wouldn t be able to settle and when l looked in front of the road there was a massive rainbow so that made me feel a whole lot better and l m sure the jetlag had a lot to do with the way l was feeling.hoping to put some pictures on soon.Staying with rellies at the mo but have managed to sort out medicare, ambulance cover, australian driving licences, activated bank accounts ect.Cars and house next.bye for nowtracie