Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Sunday turned out to be trully a day of rest .......l've probably overdone everything of late and spent Sunday in bed feeling really lousy until late afternoon. A visit to the local shop resulted in a pack of nine flakes amongst many other items going into the basket. For those that don't know me, l havent really got a sweet tooth and am not into eating lots of chocolate.......savoury items is a different story!......anyway we all had a flake each 9 - 5 = 4 so then a while later me and andy sneaked two more upstairs and ate them.......wellll it would only rot their young teeth !!
4 - 2 = 2 Claire our youngest daughter went off to bed at bedtime, and then Laura our eldest daughter asked Andy if she could have another flake. Laura came up and asked me if l wanted a cuppa and a flake and l said yes please - l came back downstairs to find a cuppa sitting next to a flake on the fire surround so picked them up and began to munch my way through my third flake of the day!! and drank my you ever feel as though your being watched? Andy then asked where his half was????? l couldn't stop laughing because l generally thought he was having a laugh.........he then said l can't believe you think thats funny, and you have no remorse......he looked quite serious for such a clown at this point, and l was now doing a mental sum of all the flakes that had been dished out that day, and sure enough we were supposed to be sharing it my defence Laura had asked if l wanted a flake and she hadn't realised there were only two, so Andy had said to her that him and me would share one (basically because we'd already sneaked the ones earlier)
I'm blaming my blood sugar levels they must have been so low !!! l was only replacing them and must have needed it am l convincing anyone yet ?

what a can of worms l've now opened Claire has just read this over my shoulder and wants to know why everyone is eating sneaky flakes after shes gone to bed !!!!

l just looked for a flake picture to put on the blog and Claire piped up saying yer go on pick the one with three afterall all three of you was stuffing your faces with them !! Time for bed l think!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


this made me laugh.........picture this we've popped to matalan as Claire has birthday money to spend.........

"ooh look claire this little black velvet dress is lovely why don't you try it on"
"oh ok"
we head to the changing rooms where claire puts the dress on and pulls back the curtain.
"claire that looks lovely, doesn't it Ester (claires friend)
"does it"
curtain closes!
conversation now continues through curtain...
"claire have your friends got any birthday parties coming up it would be lovely for one of those"
"no, there all in May l think"
mmmmm"what about a school disco is that coming up soon?"
"don't know - they havent said"
air of dis-interest l feel and think well shes obviously not bothered so l'll not comment anymore.Just then..
"oh oh l know where l can where this dress"
"oh good where?"
"a is black"
LOL .... "claire your not going to a funeral"
"oh yer"..........LOL
after all that, she didn't buy the dress and can you believe she got up today and said she wished she'd have brought the dress now !!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Great News!!

Yesterday was such a good day.......

Firstly l had a phone call from my brother in Spain to say that he was at the hospital with my mum for her results of the lymph glands they took out along with the cancer; they have said that she won't need cemo as they feel that they removed the lump completely and even better the lymph gland shows no signs that any of the cancer spread, so mum just has to go back for some radiotherapy and hormone treatment............fantastic news and it was great to witness the fact that lots of people were praying about the whole situation for her including one individual who fasted and prayed (May God bless that person)

The other fab news was that Luke; our son, passed his driving test, it was his second attempt. I did tell him that all the best drivers pass second time !!

The rest of the day was spent with my cousin shopping for some retail therapy, only after all that good news l didn't feel l needed to buy a thing !!
A note of advice don't shop in your highest heels even if they are your favourites!!...very sore feet ....all in the name of fashion..... as the saying goes.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well just packing my bags ..........last!! normally l'm much more organized.........wellll more than today then!!
If l'm honest if l havent packed a bag because then l could stay in denial that l was actually going anywhere !! needs must and all that; so please pray that all will go well. I've had some real crappy struggling dreams this week and do feel a little anxious about leaving my bunch at home and enduring the week ahead. Last trip l felt l was floating on prayer so hopefully that'll happen this time, Gods timing always seems to be perfect. So here l stand expectant........not literally of course !!!
Well back to the ironing board l go .....bye for now!