Saturday, March 24, 2007

Three Things in Life.

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back - Time,Words and Opportunity.

Three things in life that may never be lost - Peace, Hope and Honesty.

Three things in life that are most valuable - Love, Self-confidence and Friends.

Three things in life that are never certain - Dreams, Success and Fortune.

Three things that make a man - Hard Work, Sincerity and Commitment.

Three things in life that can destroy a man - Wine, Pride and Anger.

Three things that are constant - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Sitting in the assembly and Miss Dawson announced "and the person who deserves the headteachers cup is someone who is always laughing and smiling" this point all the children were turning round saying "that'll be Claire then!!"..................... l can think of worst things to be remebered for; l just hope she'll be as happy in her new school in Adelaide. That cup is a prize trophy for a week only................ we get to keep the smile!

The children have been studying poetry.........
Claire had to write a poem for homework;

Lawfordmead is the greatest school,
we all join together in the central hall.

Boys and girls sit along in a line,
We all sing a song and everythings fine.

Miss Dawson is fair and rarely gets cross,
All the teachers know that she is the boss.

There's always lots of things to do,
and the teachers assistants will help you.

In May when l am going away,
l'll be on that plane nearly a day.

Lawford friends is what l'll miss,
l'll say goodbye with a fairwell kiss!

This has been put on the classroom door.

Monday, March 05, 2007


I have to confess that just lately my blogs seem a little on the vague side not mentioning anything of the details of all that is going on at the moment.
the small matter of moving to the other side of the world having gained permanent resident visas that are non dependant of securing jobs on a arrival, we now just have the small detail of selling the property that we brought as a project to do up whilst we were waiting to obtain the visas. At one point we didn't even think that going was going to become real it just seemed one of those distant dreams always out of reach!
Over time we have progressed from stage to stage and God has revealed himself in many ways to us over the last couple of years. for instance way back in the beginnings of our dream we used to say "Oz" was just "pie in the sky" this phrase isn't a normal comment for us but one in which we got used to saying, one day a christian mag arrived through the door saying across the front of a large picture of a pie "pie in the sky and eating it too" this was to be the beginning of a very long journey of many signs and wonders (too many to mention)
We have got to the stage whereas life seems very much of a roller coaster ride we really want the house to sell and put it on the market in January, we've not had a great deal of interest to cut a long story short and we don't do the patient thing too well..........we had almost got to a point of believing that we had come this far in achieving the unbelievable to imagining that all these decisions and circumstances had in fact been in vain. We have had lots of encouraging words from God through various sources and l really wished that l had been updating my blog regularly with them as l received them but alas when your in the thick of it all it does seem too much bother to share such detail in case we had invariably got it all wrong.
l have gone rather round the houses to tell of how things seem to be happening.........
Saturday:- l had had enough and had woke feeling like a considerable cloud of doom was over me in fact l could off cryed....chatted things through with Andy ...went into shower and said to God that l was beginning to feel that l was having a blocking affect on everything because l was feeling anxious about the move and just to get a viewing would really reveal that we hadn't got it all so wrong......came out of the shower to hear Andy confirming an appointment for that very afternoon.....amazing and looked up and said that was quick!! l am making light of this situation but it had a profound effect on me knowing that God had heard.
Like a dog with a bone...... l have buried it many times only to dig it back up again and continue to worry and become anxious about the whole situation! So this morning there we were becoming anxious again and wondering if God really would step into our world and did he really have control over this situation knowing of the time deadline and the fact we have booked one way flights in faith!!
After much discussing how we thought it should be happening we decided to pray and poured our hearts out as to how we really felt........during the prayer we asked God to speak and confirm that we were doing the right thing and that even if he could sent someone to confirm either way as we were finding it increasingly difficult not being able to chat things through in a personal way hearing Gods voice......well about 5 Min's later there was a knock on the door and l was expecting my cousin so just thought l would open the door to her but no; there stood Andy Ford who also is moving to Adelaide in June and is really optimistic about the place.......he said oh hi was just passing and thought l would pop in. I was gobsmacked and called my Andy in from the garden explaining that Gods messenger had arrived !! We just couldn't believe the timing and sat and chatted about all our issues the main one being that we didn't know what to do about the house. After great fellowship Andy left and the telephone rang to say that we are too have another viewing on Wednesday. A man who's in rented (brilliant position) its hard not to let your mind run away but we have learnt that this is all about Gods timing not ours and no matter what happens he has revealed himself to us in such a real way and we are just to trust him.

I forgot to say that another major issue was the fact that our daughter Lauras exams are due in May/June and that because our deadline date is the beginning of June we had to book the flights and could see no way round her missing some of the exams resulting in very poor qualifications meaning that the last two years will have been wasted. I wrote to her head of year (christian) and explained the situation and that we believed that Laura would have to try and take some courses once out in oz but felt that this could not be avoided and that we hoped he would continue to support Laura in what was ultimately our decision in potentailly wrecking her education. The head of year rang to confirm that he had recieved and read my letter and to inform me of the possibility of Laura sitting her exams in Adelaide when she arrives, this is an amazing outcome we don't as yet know how it will turn out but know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God must be in this because its a situation that we have considered many times and felt so awful about; particulally as Laura is the one who isn't that keen on the idea of moving.
Again Gods hand!

The scripture that he keeps revealing to us is Proverbs 3 V 5
Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and lean not on your own understanding.
Also this afternoon God really spoke through Joyce Myers ministries it was called "when God when" it was so apt for us it was amazing.

So no; l have no news as yet, but know that l have a Father in heaven that is looking out for me and that knows the timing of all things; l read today "God is never late" it also said "he is very rarely early either"!!
I know this is a massively long blog for me and if anyone has made it this far through it; l hope that you will have an understanding of where I'm coming from and conclude that Our God is a Faithful God.
from Tracie