Thursday, November 22, 2007

I managed to get volunteered for the face painting at the school fair and so claire had to be practiced on!!
I cant believe l felt so anxious about painting childrens faces -
Parents waited patiently; although l'm sure some of them thought we did it for a living and l felt the need to point out we were just volunteers raising money for the school fund!!

Claire experienced her first ride on a camel and l dont think lve seen her laugh so much in ages!!

The camels were one of the school fair attractions.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


My goodness its hot today and its supposed to be spring. I've just read the temp.gauge thats in the garden under the shade and it reads 94. I'm not complaining honest !! just surprised. Its such a dry heat here - l ate my sandwich at lunchtime under the shade and when l picked up the second half the bread had dried out on the top half and l dont take that long eating!!
Well l think we've probably been here about 6 months now and have a better understanding of how things work here although l suspect that quite a few more changes are on the cards.
We still havent found a church we want to settle in yet; but are convinced our paths will be directed in the right direction.

We see everyones double here of people we knew in England its really odd when you are convinced you have seen someone but know that it can't possibly be them ........ well one of you may surprise me one day!!

I've now got used to seeing different road signs; pictures of koalas and kangaroos at the side of the road was funny to begin with and even funnier when you do actually see them!
The funniest one to date is the "don't stick your butt out of the window" and l have to say it did take me a while to realize the signs meant cigerette butt!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007


What a day......l went to pick Claire up from school. It was pouring with rain; although shocking for here, thats not what l'm blogging about.
We were just coming out of the gate when a lad on a bike rode past and all of a sudden l noticed a car pulling into the school carpark and thought that bikes not stopping and neither is the car. Both myself and Claire screamed out but it was too late the enevitable happened and the car hit the lad who then went up on the bonnet and then back onto the ground. I ran over and said stay still with that he jumped up and was rather shocked, he was a bit heavy for me to lift and so he hobbled along with me towards the office. I then noticed a man and shouted can you come and carry this lad hes just been hit by a car; only to find that the man was the boys father, anyway an ambulance was called and hopfully he got away with cuts and bruise; although he may have broken his arm, l stayed and waited to give a statement to the police.
It really shakes you up seeing something like that - l really felt for the driver; although l dont think she could have been paying attention.
Just thankful it turned out as it did it could have been a lot worse.